Jody A.

I love being in on the ground floor of something new.

Jody A.

Connect2Artists sounds too good to be true...I'll enter images tomorrow.

Jeanne L.

I love what you are doing...!

Andrea G.

Just wanted to let you know that I recently sold 2 paintings that I had up on Connect2Artists! Thanks so much for giving my art a platform to reach buyers.

Tracy A.

I just wanted to tell you thank you for informing us about your website. I wish you all of the best.

Kirsten H.

We'll be uploading some images soon...This certainly seems like a better choice than some of the other sites like Saatchi Art or Fine Art America which show your art, but then pitch similar art that is often lower in price to the person searching for you.

Gil D.

Wow! I'm stoked.

Lori M.

Thanks so much for letting me know I got into the Top 25.

Nancy T.

Thank you so much... This is a tremendous service to the artists and is extremely user friendly.

Mike M.

I would just like to thank you all for letting me know about being voted in to the Top 25. It means a lot to me.

Brad C.

Two of my paintings have been voted in the TOP 25 paintings on Connect2Artists! I consider this a great honor considering some of the REALLY great artists posting on this site including Brian Blood, Laurie Kersey, Len Chmiel, Kate Starling, Ned Mueller, Dan Shultz, Ralph Oberg, and Kim Lordier...just to name a few.

Jeanne L.

Awesome news!! Thanks... I appreciate everything you are doing.

Judy S.

Super cool!!!!

Judy S.

Thank you so much!!! I'm shocked and thrilled!!!

Shima S.

Your ears must have been burning yesterday as I was sharing your creation and your generous pay it forward philosophy of helping artists.

Nancy T.

Made my day! Thanks for the Top 25 designation and it's wonderful to be part of so much talent.

Lorrie B.

Thanks for the congratulatory message about my work being selected for the Top 25! Such an honor!

Veronica S.

I love your website! ...I'm glad to be a part of it. I just sold my piece "Night Time Encounter" that was on your Top 25. Wish your website a lot of success as well as all the exhibited artists.

Andrea G.

I'm so thankful that you've provided this incredible platform to show my artwork.