Dan Schultz
(b. 1975)

California-based artist Dan Schultz has chosen to build upon the historical tradition of representational fine art. With a background in commercial art, he has taken influence from many of the golden-age illustrators as well as from classical realism and impressionism. He believes that beauty is of great importance to the human soul and that God uses the beauty of his creation to communicate with humanity.

Galleries and shows across the U.S. have been selling his artwork since 2002. His landscape and figure paintings have received national recognition from Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine and Southwest Art Magazine, and awards from the American Impressionist Society, the Art Renewal Center, the California Art Club, the Oil Painters of America and the Portrait Society of America.

Viewers often comment on the strong sense of light and atmosphere in his work, as well as the beauty of his subtle color changes which become apparent upon closer inspection. Look for delicate color shifts, small accent touches and textural changes which are not always apparent from a distance.

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