Deborah Stone resides near the beautiful Saint Croix River Valley in Lindstrom, Minnesota. From her earliest recollections she has felt an affinity for the worlds wild spaces. With its pristine lakes, forests, rivers and pastoral landscapes, Deborah’s home state of Minnesota holds no shortage of artistic inspiration.
In her style of Realist Art, Deborah strives to capture nature’s subtleties of form, light and texture. Through her medium of oil and with sensitivity for her subject her hope is to instill a sense of tranquility and connectivity for the viewer.
Deborah believes that art has the ability to transform a space and make a statement. But it’s the “language” of art that intrigues her. When a viewer connects emotionally to a piece of art the artist and their art have come full circle. The emotional intrigue that spurred the artist to create is experienced by the viewer in a well executed piece. It’s powerful.
Deborah’s philosophy is “Live with what you love”.


Oil Painters of America