First published at age 7, Dynan has now been a working artist for over 50 years. Thanks to a close friend, he has a studio for painting in London and works in both the UK and the US. In the early part of his career he was well known for producing greeting cards and for Fine Art Prints sold in Europe.

For the past 25 years he has done collaborative work with Anastasia Nelson, a UCD grad. Together they have illustrated books, and done several series of paintings. They have also worked on serigraphy projects together, producing Fine Art Prints for major sporting events.

In 2017 Dynan began working with London artist Patrick Hughes, the creative force behind “Reverse Perspective” painting on 3D sculptures. These amazing sculptures seem to move and change as the viewer shifts perspective. Dynan also works with Nelson on the sculptures.

Nelson and Dynan have been featured on PBS, showing their Electronica and Barnyard paintings.