“Life experiences need to be expressed through creativity to truly be alive. For we all are creative beings.”

My art is a special tribute to someone who greatly influenced both my art and my outlook on life.

When my beloved father passed away, I found particular peace and
solace in being creative and expressing my feelings through my art.

I wanted to create art that I envision my late father must have been seeing through the windows of paradise. Through my particular approach to the abstract medium, I wish to bring a unique sense of spirituality to my art.

My ultimate desire is for people to experience my work and be able to recall where they originate from cosmically and to understand that life’s challenges will fade into time but that the universe is constant.

That we all come from and are made from the stars. That these nebula's, I create, can give us a good healthy perspective about ourselves and our humble but significant place in the scheme of this vast universe.

My hope is that, when people view and reflect upon my work, it will lift them up and inspire them to slow down, take a deep breath, allow their worries to fade, and be truly present in the moment.

That they will, for that moment, be transported into an extraordinary world that reminds us all to live life fully and to love others unconditionally.

- Gregory Moni