James M. Fisher paints what he knows. Since he grew up by the ocean, across the street from La Jolla's Windansea beach, his first love for subject matter is the sea. James completed his first painting, a view of the ocean from the front yard of his childhood home, when he was seven-years-old. He remembers well, his mother taking him by the hand and showing that first oil painting to an older gentleman. His mother pointed proudly to the painting, “Isn’t this great?” Of course the gentleman smiled and mumbled, “Yes,” but it was his mother's enthusiasm for his art that encouraged James to keep growing and learning as an artist.

Sixty years later, James is still painting and enjoying interpreting the beauties of nature. His paintings of seascapes, landscapes, and still life are treasured by many the world over.

James has taken classes with premiere landscape and seascape artists. He has won awards for his art at the San Diego North County Fair. He has a passion for learning and developing his talents and never tires of painting the sea.


California Art Club, California Art Club: Associate Artists