I am an artist from San Diego, CA. a graduate of San Diego State University with a graduate degree from The University of San Diego. My art practice began after a long career in health care. I work with the medium of encaustic, an ancient form of art that uses hot wax, damar and pigment.
Encaustic means to heat or burn and so heat is used at every stage of the creative process. I am influenced by the many designs in nature which is why this medium is so intriguing to me. The heat of the wax is a symbol of the passion that I and many encaustic artists feel when we create. My favorite quote about art is from Degas, "It's not what you see, but what you help other people see."


San Diego Art Institute, The, San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild, The


Swarm. (encaustic on Plexiglas)

$300.00 • H 12 x W 10.25

Shifting Gears (Mixed Media Encaustic)

$1,200.00 • H 16 x W 16

Flamenco in Andalucia (Encaustic )

$1,500.00 • H 18 x W 18

Transformed by Fire (Encaustic)

$700.00 • H 24 x W 12

Transformed by Fire II. (Encaustic)

$700.00 • H 24 x W 12

Sweet Honey from the Hive (Encaustic)

$1,200.00 • H 10 x W 9.5

Filled With Joy. (Encaustic)

$350.00 • H 14 x W 11

Waterworks II (Encaustic)

$450.00 • H 20 x W 10

Waterworks I (Encaustic)

$450.00 • H 20 x W 10


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